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Our vision for the future of L Street Station is to transform a piece of the city that is currently walled off and  inaccessible to the public into a vibrant and connected extension of the South Boston neighborhood. Among the array of activities and amenities we envision, it would offer the community direct access to the waterfront as well as open spaces and gathering areas to connect with friends and neighbors. The site covers 15 acres and we propose to create activity and engagement with housing, retail, a 344-key hotel, two commercial buildings and space for the arts; all of which will be anchored by the preservation of the former power station’s century-old turbine halls, which are rich with cultural history.

Here are some key elements that will bring our vision to life:


Site clean-up:

We will decommission and clean up this heavily industrial site so that it is safe.

Adaptive reuse and preservation:

We think the site’s history and character are worth preserving, which is why we’re committed to adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of portions of the existing buildings, including the main turbine hall.

Waterfront access:

We’d like to create a waterfront plaza that is a public open space with views of the city, access to the water and pedestrian walkways and retail corridors adjacent to the turbine hall.

Public realm improvements:

The public realm will be upgraded to provide a number of amenities throughout the site, including a new network of outdoor open spaces, places for outdoor dining, direct waterfront access, arts and community programming and a thriving retail corridor. We want to convert the site to a “live/work/play” mix of uses that fit with the neighborhood.

Site access:

We’d like to minimize the use of cars by providing better alternatives (buses, shuttles, ridesharing services, biking, walking, etc). The site will be designed to encourage bicycle and pedestrian use through improvements to adjacent roadways. We also plan to take down the walls and fences surrounding the site and create connections into and through the site, so that is feels accessible and inviting to the South Boston neighborhood, all the way down to the water’s edge.

Environmentally friendly:

We want to make the site green, sustainable, and resilient.

Check out our latest filing with the BPDA