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Project Details

Located at 776 Summer Street, L Street Station was a former coal-fired power plant that operated for more than a century from 1898 until its decommissioning in 2006. Closed off from the surrounding neighborhood over 120 years, this 15.2-acre waterfront site has a rich history of entrepreneurship and was once owned and operated by the Boston Edison Company, who were on the forefront of major electrical innovations at a time when the world was first becoming electrified.

HRP acquired the site in 2016 in partnership with Redgate Capital Partners. Over the next decade, the site will be transformed into a vibrant mixed-use district connected to the Seaport and the South Boston neighborhood containing commercial, residential, hotel, retail and civic space along with significant public open space.

The project adaptively reuses 4 historic grand turbine halls, incorporates resilient site design and improves traffic, transit and pedestrian infrastructure in and around the site.

Key Project Details

1.68 million square feet of waterfront, mixed-use development on 15.2 acres of land along the Reserved Channel
Environmental remediation of a former industrial site
Preservation and adaptive reuse of 4 historic Turbine Halls
Approximately 860,000 square feet of commercial space
Approximately 95,000 square feet of retail and cultural/civic space
Up to 636 units of new housing, 16% of which will be affordable
A hotel with up to 240 rooms
Approximately 5.7 acres of new public open space, including a 2.5-acre waterfront park offering multiple opportunities for programming and events
Approximately 1,214 parking spaces